Enhanced Covid Sanitary Procedures

 We take Health and Hygiene seriously!

  We believe maintaining a  positive mental attitude and a regular physical fitness training program naturally help keep a body healthy and support the function of the human autoimmune system .

We are very serious about the cleanliness of our gym. Even before the Covid virus struck, our protocol has always been to sanitize the mats three times a day with a hospital grade antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial solution. Now we are doing even more to maintain a healthy and hygienic community and facility. Here are some important points we ask everyone to keep in mind as we continue training safe and healthy:

       Anyone who is symptomatic should not enter the facility.

       Anyone who has a symptomatic family member or housemate should not attend classes.

       Hand sanitizer is provided for everyone at the door.

       Temperature checks are performed on everyone upon entering.

        All surfaces and floors are sanitized regularly.

        All high touch areas in the waiting area are routinely wiped down.

        All training tools, bags, gloves, and other equipment are sanitized after use.

        Masks may be worn by anyone who wishes but are not required.

Please wear long sleeved rash guards and spats under shorts for our no gi grapping sessions.

Because of the nature of close contact martial arts, hygiene and sanitary conditions have ALWAYS been the highest priority at our facility and we promise to continue to diligently maintain the cleanliness of our school, please stay home if you aren't feeling well.  

We will be here eagerly waiting for your return.

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